100% Canadian owned and operated, Rocketline gives its customers long-term solutions that will save them money continuously. That’s why we refer to our account executives as consultants rather than salespeople.

Rocketline consultants work with you to perform a complete audit of all your facility supplies and ensure you’re always using the most effective product for each application. We also keep you informed about product developments conducive to better performance. And with a product range that spans industries, we have the capacity to provide all your facility supplies at a procurement cost that leaves extra cash for Frappuccino Fridays in the office.

Doubling our size every few times the earth revolves around the sun, Rocketline is always growing and adding new product lines into the mix! We stock the products you need and deliver them, using our own fleet of delivery vehicles and drivers, when you need them. Providing you complimentary next-day delivery services, we’re all about flexibility.

We don’t like to namedrop, but we offer a wide selection of quality brand name products from industry-leading manufacturers, such as Pactiv, Flair Films, Panoramic, Polyair, IPG, Vibac Tape, Kimberly Clark, and Sabert.

It should go without saying (but we’ll say it anyway), we pride ourselves on making our processes easy for you. With one phone call, one shipment, and one invoice, Rocketline gives you a total-package solution for all your facility needs.